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Andrew Davis, Digital Trainer and Keynote Speaker at Talk Digital

“Putting the ‘SO WHAT’ into your digital content”

Every organisation is creating content but how many are creating engaging content that leads to an objective consistently. This keynote looks at how to do this in a Covid world.

  • Understanding where we are now in a Covid hit world with our content.
  • Looking at ways we can create content to improve engagement and data points.
  • Knowing how algorithms work and their impact on our online performance.
  • Measuring impact and understanding ROI.

Nicola Millard, Head of Customer Insight & Futures at BT

“The Autonomous Customer 2021: Cloudy with a chance of AI”

It’s been only a year since our last regular global temperature check of customer attitudes – known as the ‘Autonomous Customer’ – but what a year! We’ve seen many of the changes already happening in consumer behaviour being turbo-powered by the pandemic. Digital customer experiences have become part of our daily lives – whether it’s shopping, education, banking, working, or talking to our friends and family. It’s been a giant global experiment in living online and evidence suggests that some of these changes will stick.

  • How will organisations cope with billions of new interactions? What will be the impact on the contact centre
  • Insight on customer expectations of digital customer experiences and the contact centre.
  • A reality check on the channel mix and technologies that customers are looking for and how the pandemic has influenced this.
  • Views from the agent front line on the challenges facing them in serving these autonomous customers and embracing a more hybrid workplace.

Ian Taylor, CX Solutions Consultant at Avoira

“Agent happiness & Customer success, with Live-In-Call Agent Assistance”

Using powerful REAL LIFE business cases explore how Live-In-Call Agent prompting can improve agent performance and customer experience. Speech analytics can auto QA at mass scale, report agent performance, compliance, vulnerability identification and customer satisfaction.

  • Learn: how live-in-call agent prompting, helps the agent, take every call, to the required outcome.
  • Prove: that by receiving insight into your calls, you can deliver a massive Return-On-Investment to your business, from speech analytics.
  • Explore: the highlighted issues in your business and improve them.
  • Protect your company from expensive fines, by receiving and actioning compliance levels.
  • Support: vulnerable customers, by identifying and actioning